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My Approach

If you choose to drive, be professional about it. From the way you dress, and the way you clean your car inside and out, says more about you than anything else.  Keep the car clean. Keep yourself clean. Keep the conversation clean.  Do all of that, and make more money than all the rest.

My Story

I'm a former Navy sailor from San Diego, who has had a 20 year career in technology sales.  Two years ago, I was laid off from my job, and took up driving.  The first year was trial and error, the second year I got a little more serious and sought training.  That one decision led to 40% increase in income, and the development of this website.

One Man Team

Although I enjoy my technology sales career, there is something about the freedom to choose my own hours, and drive whenever I want to. It is a challenge to not want to go full-time as a driver.  I find solace in my freedoms, and I expect others will too.

Terell Jones

Terell Jones

The 5 Star Driver

My full time job is information technology sales. I am a part time driver with over 3000 rides under my belt.


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